A mobile device tolling solution for travelers is a natural technological evolution for the tolling industry. Smartphones are changing the way we live and allowing for more functionality continuously. Our mobile device tolling solution will give everyone with a smartphone access to an instant tolling transponder, an easy way to pay for tolls, and tolling notifications.

Our scanners, with connectivity to our SABLE backend system, provide a low-cost mobile device alternative that can be used in parallel with traditional tolling transponders. We believe that the smartphone will be the solution for a uniform and nationwide tolling infrastructure.

SABLEPAY Solution Advantages

  • Allows smartphones to become the toll transponder — an easy option for an interoperable solution
  • Effortless creation and management of account information
  • Incredible time and management savings - no transponder activation or maintenance
  • Secure Bluetooth Low Energy signals will be emitted by smartphone from anywhere in the vehicle
  • Payment completed at booths and gantries, not on user's smartphone — guarantees reliability

SABLEPAY Informational Materials

System Security

We use industry-standard and proven infrastructure like FireBase and BrainTree to manage identity and payment information. Our transactions use secure communication over the Internet (available at our sensors) to transmit and validate your identify as well as complete payment transactions. Your identifying signal through SABLEPAY cannot be replayed, retransmitted, or otherwise duplicated because of our patented process.

Transaction Reliability

Our mobile application uses Google Cloud in the backend infrastructure to reliably scale and handle all volume of tolling transactions. We install a sensor, which contains a single board computer and internet connection at tolling booths and gantries. The sensor reliably detects Bluetooth Low Energy signals emitted from your smartphone. The system prototype has gone through rigorous development and testing.

Prototype Test Screen Capture


We will incorporate your logo and pictures into a specific mobile application for your customers. The app will be a flexible addition to your organization, users can take advantage of the new capability while also using the current architecture. We will work with you to create payment plans to attract and retain customers. Your customers can simply register, agree to terms, indicate payment, and then use the application to pay tolls. We can customize notices and messages to alert users of account activity. They can also be used as a marketing and communication tool organization-wide.